Accessibility statement

WebRegisters is the website of the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak which serves to provide selected data from registers of industrial property rights. This site conforms to the standards for information systems of public administration defined by the Edict on Standards for Information Systems of Public Administration No. 55/2014 Z. z. including those defined in the Annex 1.

The portal is designed and developed with focus on high reliability, content accessibility and transparency of published information. Content of the portal can be displayed in the desired size using the standard tools of the web browsers. The portal is fully accessible even with images and cascading style sheets deactivated.

Selected data from registers can be exported to PDF file (Portable Document Format) or can be shown in customized view for printing. Applications to open PDF files are freely available for download. The source code of the WebRegisters portal designed for citizens is validated according to standards specified by W3C.