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POZ 1360-2022
(111)  Trademark Number   
(151)  Registration Date   
   The date of Commencement of the Period Relevant for the Use of the TM   
(156)  Trademark Renewal Date   
(210)  Application Number  1360-2022 
(220)  Application Date  28.06.2022 
(310)  Priority Number   
(320)  Priority Date   
(330)  Country or Authority of Priority   
(442)  Date of Making Application Available to the Public   
(450)  Publication of Registration Date   
(511)  International Classification of Goods and Services  33 
(511)  List of Classified Goods and Services  33 - Liehoviny; rum. 
(531)  International Classification of Figurative Elements   
(540)  Trademark  MONSIGNOR rum 
(550)  Kind of Trademark  slovná 
(571)  Description of Trademark   
(551)  Collective Trademark Data  individuálna  
(551)  Persons authorised to use Collective TM   
   Changes in Agreement on the Use of Collective TM   
(591)  Claimed Color(s)   
(731/732)  Applicant(s) or Proprietor(s)  MY Foods, s.r.o.; Laurinská 3, Bratislava-Staré Mesto 
(740)  Attorney(s)  Hriadel & Heger, Advokátska kancelária s.r.o.; Odborárska 21, Bratislava-Nové Mesto 
(800)  International Registration Number   
(800)  International Registration Date   
(800)  Country of International Trademark Registration   
   Procedural Status  v konaní 
   Legal Status   
   Partial Transfer of Trademark   
   Termination of Trademark   
   Cancellation of Trademark, Declaration of Trademark Invalidity, Revocation of Trademark   
   Partial Cancellation, Revocation/ Declaration of Invalidity in respect of some of the goods and services   
   Lien on Trademark  No 
   Trademark Validity minimum until   
   Reason for Trademark Expiration/Termination of Proceedings   
POZ 1360-2022
S/N Fee Title Payment Date Paid Amount Refund Date Refunded Amount
Poplatok za podanie prihlášky ochrannej známky 29.06.2022 96,00 EUR


Paid-in Administrative Fee within Proceeding on Applications are stated in Protocol

POZ 1360-2022
S/N Item Name Date Type Document Payment
Žiadosť o zápis ochrannej známky do registra 28.06.2022 Type Delivered The fee is recorded in the Administrative Fee tab
Osvedčovacia doložka 28.06.2022 Type Delivered
Plná moc 28.06.2022 Type Delivered
Potvrdenie o podaní 29.06.2022 Type Delivered
správa o prieskume zápisnej spôsobilosti (vecné chyby) 22.07.2022 Type Sent document
Odpoveď na správu úradu 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Osvedčovacia doložka 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Plná moc 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Príloha inde neuvedená 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Príloha inde neuvedená 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Príloha inde neuvedená 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Sprievodný list 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
Vyjadrenie označenia 22.09.2022 Type Delivered
rozhodnutie o zamietnutí POZ (s vyjadrením) 06.03.2023 Type Sent document
POZ 1360-2022
S/N Item Name Valid from New Subject Previous Subject
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